What is Sujok?

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A comprehensive and systematic method of treating dis-eases and ailments, Sujok was invented by Prof. Park, Jae Woo (see link), based on ages-old systems of healing from different parts of the world [Onnuri] and his comprehensive Triorigin Theory. The Sujok Therapy system is now attracting practitioners across the world, from different fields of study.


10-minute introduction to Sujok by SJ. T. Bhupinder Kaur [video]

What is Sujok?

Sujok is a remarkable, holistic system of healing that focuses on the hands (Su) and feet (Jok) to help bring out the inner smile of the soul into the three asoects: mind, body and life This is the natural, balanced state.

The Sujok Therapy system uses a combination of physical, metaphysical or transcendental energy treatments for helping to heal specific organs, zones, meridians, energies, mental & emotional states of a person.  In Korean, the language of the founder Prof. Park, Jae Woo, Su means ‘hand’ and Jok means ‘foot’. Sujok is based on the knowledge that our hands and feet have a proper system for curing the diseases of the human body.

  • There is nothing to ingest, as this is a drug-less system, so there are no side effects.
  • It can be used both for treating and also for preventing ailments. Sujok is thus a comprehensive health system.
  • It blends easily with any other therapy or medicine you are taking, so it is also a complementary health system.
  • Sujok can be used for self-healing and healing others.

Why Sujok ?

Hands and feet, arms and legs carry a reflection, or correspondence to all parts, organs and glands in the body and by influencing them, a variety of physiological, mental and emotional disorders can be treated.  This correspondence system is already implanted by nature.  Sujok Therapy fully utilizes all aspects of their healing power.

The human body possesses a great number of correspondence systems representing energy-and-information copies of the entire organism or its certain parts. Located both on the surface of the body and inside each organ or its part, they act as remote control systems.

~ Prof. Park Jae Woo


Sujok  is based on ancient medico-philosophical principles. It uses simple and effective methods for locating the correspondences most likely to respond to treatment. This helps to treat otherwise hard-to-reach areas of the body without surgery or invasive procedures.

How does Sujok work?

Sujok therapy uses a variety of material like seeds, micro magnets, micro needles, palm or similar leaves, ring massagers, colours, and so on, to stimulate the correspondence points on hands or feet, and sometimes arms or legs. This results in improvement in the diseased organ or part of the body by the two-way correspondence system.

Natural treatment methods like sustained massage and touch, acupressure and acupuncture, are among the methods used.

SJ. T. Sunil Mahajan   


An engineer by training, SJ. T. Sunil Mahajan has studied and used alternative methods of treatment since 2008. He has extensive experience with patients with a large spectrum of disorders including chronic pains, head disorders, nervous system and psychiatric disorders, eye, ear, nose, throat and lung ailments, digestion-related problems, conception disorders and cardiovascular system disorders and spinal cord issues.

Engineering at IIT taught me the value & methodologies of Logic. What attracts me specially to the Science of Sujok is the flawless connectivity between stimuli and results of those stimuli on the condition of the patient. It is a new science with roots thousands of years old.

It is old because the systems used are a collation of principles used in India, China, Egypt & even Phoenicia for over 2000 years. Bits and pieces are known in most traditional households. The fact was driven home to me when my maid was on the verge of getting a summer cold and I applied Garlic on the correspondence. I left for office with the admonition that should the skin start turning dark, to call me immediately so I could change the treatment. Shyly she asked – “Will you apply Methidana”. Surprised I asked her how she knew to which she told me that is what they do in their village.

It is “new” because of two factors

1.  The system of education we have been taught under in the last 100 years, invariably indirectly encourages scoffing at traditional knowledge and belief, though words to that effect are not used. It is drummed into us that the “latest” stuff is the best. Hence we are not even aware of ancient knowledge or are mentally conditioned that anything that is not widely advertised, is mumbo-jumbo.

2.  Though ancient systems of all types including Chinese systems, Yoga, Reiki, Reflexology etc. have been collated, a huge amount of brilliant research has been done by a genius Prof Park Jae Woo, an MD from Korea who had resettled in Moscow. From 1968 to March 25, 2010 when he passed away, he built an incredible connectivity between these systems and evolved much simplified solutions than traditional systems have.

Over these years, the number of practitioners developed are so few in number that awareness of this science is low. Hence it seems new.

Sujok can be used for sudden onset and chronic ailments. Pl see: Principles of Sujok & Other Oriental Sciences                             Contact

Quote By SJ. T. Mahajan’s Guru SJ. T. Anju Gupta

A few sittings are enough to cure most diseases with the help of Sujok . The treatment can be permanently effective if the therapist gives a complete course of treatment, while the patient also changes life-style/ dietary habits, as the need be.
~ SJ. T. Anju Gupta, therapist and trainer in Punjab News Line

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  1. Re dialysis and kidney failure, Sujok can act as a support agent to the main treatment. For details, please contact your nearest healer.

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