Feb/March workshops in Delhi & Gurgaon

Sujok Workshop in Delhi & Gurgaon

Learn simply effective ways to handle chronic pains and ailments for self and family.                           Special rate with pre-registration   ₹1000 until Feb 20 2013

Sujok Therapy Workshop reg form [scan filled-in form to journey.wholeness@gmail.com or contact for other options]

Health in your hands [Su] and feet [Jok]

Learn to use effective techniques from a scientific system incorporating ancient and new complementary techniques to keep yourself fit, remove ailments  for yourself and your family with seeds, leaves,  magnets or everyday items used just on your hands and feet.

Reiki healers are shown how to integrate Sujok with Reiki, since both are holistic and  universal

3-4  hour session with Interactive Live Demonstrations.
Includes course materials, certificate of attendance, refreshments  and mentoring thereafter.
*Can be  applied towards  classes for international certification with Sunil Mahajan and Meenakshi Suri, in person and online

For details email : journey.wholeness@gmail.com or call 8130.984075

Sujok Smile for All