Principles of Sujok & Other Oriental Sciences

By Sunil Mahajan

1. There are many ancient & relatively modern Drugless systems of treatment of the orient of human body.

Yoga, Chakras, Acu-pressure, Reflexology, Chinese Acupuncture, Samwongong, Samwondong, Chi Gong, Time Healing, Mudras, Mantras Etc. all use basically the correlation & interplay between the three levels of human existence viz.
a) The Biochemical i.e. the physical aspects of the body
b) The Electronic viz. the neural networks in the human body.
c) The Transcendental i.e. Soul level.

These Systems which developed in the Orient, evolved, with some historical contiguity and connectivity, in India, China, Mesopotamia, Egypt & Phoenicia.

2. Basic difference in approach between Oriental system and Allopathic sciences (Western Medication).

• Western Medication does not recognize the role of the Transcendental in treatments.
• The neural connections are approached on a piecemeal basis by Western Medication, but taken holistically by Oriental Systems.
• For Treatments, the neural networks are not used by Western Medication. However, the good news is that some path-breaking work is being done by an IIT-Kanpur B. Tech. 1974, now Prof. Mrigamka Sur in MIT. He has been working on the use of synapses & neurons and their potential role in treating hitherto “untreatable” diseases. This actually also is in line with the last-mile effect in treatments carried out using Sujok Therapy.
• Both Western systems and Sujok Therapy use the endocrine system for treatments, but in markedly different ways.

3. The Neural Networks & the Transcendental Levels in Oriental systems:

All oriental systems in their various forms essentially recognize that there are well defined major & minor “Energy pathways”. The major pathways are called Meridians.

Besides this, many of them recognize vortices of energy called Chakras. They also mostly agree on the direct connectivity of the human body’s energies with the external environment.

The layout & properties of the various pathways, their actions & interactivity and their connectivity to the transcendental are defined in different ways among these Oriental Systems.

4. The Science of Sujok:

Prof., Park, Jae Woo, the founder of this science was an M.D. in Korea. In 1968, he witnessed some seemingly impossible treatments with oriental systems and started work on collation of all oriental sciences.

Collation led to establishing connectivities between the basic principles of these sciences and further experimentation. The result was, by around 1990, a unified system of all these Oriental Systems into a scientifically designed system called “Sujok”

By 1985, advances had begun on expansion of the unified knowledge to concepts which were ahead of existing ones. For example, by 1990, the concept of “Panchtatva” had been expanded to Six Elements in which the “Fire” had been split into “Heat” and “Hotness”, both of which have different characteristics while being similar. The concepts of “Tri-origin” was developed. It linked every aspect of the Universe and its constituents (including Human Beings) to it’s original formation and development characteristics. Treatments were developed which used these concepts and their equivalent in Human existence. The really advanced work was done in the period 1998-2010 ie till he passed away on March 10th, 2010.

5. The Human Entity & Sujok Basics:

a. The Human Body while growing from a single cell to it’s millions, established well defined neural connectivities (called correspondences) between each cell and even within the cells.
b. Meridians & other energy pathways are used not only for communication but also for carrying out cures. Similarly, the endocrine system is also used for cures.
c. Well defined types of stimuli can be provided by naturally occurring entities like Leaves; Seeds; Geographic alignment and space; Patient’s & Healer’s emotions & nature; Date, Time of day, Season and year; etc.
d. Stimuli are also provided by simulated natural phenomenon created by Micro-magnets, Electric Wires, Diagnostic Probes, Needles, Colours etc. and with other methods including Mantras, Mudras, Massage and certain regimented physical exercises like various modules of Tai Chi.
e. Each type of stimulation or a combination thereof, produces a well-defined effect on the Human Body, mind and Soul. These stimuli induce the body to treat itself.
f. Certain bunches of cells (which may have evolved into organs) are better connected (ie have better correspondence) due to the nature of their Triorigin related development. As a result each Hand and each Foot is very good to use for Treatment. Any one ear can be used equally effectively.
g. Energy pathways & Vortices also have correspondences on the Hands and Feet.
h. Most diseases are a result of distortion, disturbance or disruption of the way nature designed a human being to be or exist.
i. The treatment systems developed in Sujok and Triorigin are capable of reaching out to certain aspects of the soul in relatively mechanical ways (with training) to effect cures.

Sujok Treatment – Basic Principles: (assuming that only the Hands and Feet are being used for treatment)

a. The end-objective of each treatment is to get each diseased organ / area / system back into the shape it was designed to naturally be for a human being.
b. A series of stimuli are used, generally in well defined sequences, to make the energy pathways or the endocrine systems to start and continue their work of curing the affected organs or systems.
c. There are 12 well defined vertical meridians, each of which also pass through 12 major organs of the body. There are also two over-riding (controlling) ones which are connected with Human Conception & Overall management respectively.
d. Besides this the Horizontal & Spiral energy pathways establish the cross-connectivities to complete the entire connectivity pattern of the body.
e. Stimulation of the endocrine systems is generally done to synchronise with the stimulation of the energy and physical systems to complete the cure.
f. Treatment and Cure are actually carried out by the patient’s own body in tune with the stimuli provided by the healer.
g. There is no known conflict when this system of treatment is carried out simultaneously with any form of medication – Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Unani, Siddha or any other. Patients are advised to continue their medication and make any changes only with the specific advice of their Doctor in that field of medication.

6. Using Sujok for Maintaining basic body health & for Self Treatment: (pl see
a. Basic treatments in Sujok are safe to use. For example, if you develop a high fever suddenly, just dip all of your fingers and toes into ice-cold water for 5 minutes. Chances are you will not need any medication whatsoever at the end of those 5 minutes. You need major training only for energy systems related treatments.
b. Many of these are already in the folklore in Oriental countries and being used by traditional families.
c. Walking on a acupressure foot-mat for 15 minutes or just pressing your bare foot on it while sitting in office, using an elastic ring or hand-magnetic ball for massage of fingers while watching TV, doing hand wringing while free, twisting all the joints of the hands etc. do not crowd on your quality time, while doing wonders to mitigate the minor niggles which can develop into bigger issues.

7. What all can be treated by Sujok:

i. Chronic Pains and Aches of any type, including: Arthritis, Cervical & Spine including spondylitis & lumbar pains, Cramps, Frozen shoulder, Headaches, Inherited pains, Joints, Legs pain, Migraine. Plantar fasciitis
ii. Disorders of Mind, including: Asocial behaviour, Depression, Epilepsy, Fearfulness, Increasing loss of memory, Insomnia characteristics, Low confidence level, Mental retardation, Nervousness, Persistent mental agony or anxiety, Skittish mind (inability to focus), Unreasonably repetitive behaviour
iii. Reproduction & related problems including:
a. Male: Elephantiasis, Impotence, Low sperm Count, Night fall
b. Female: Blocked Fallopian tube, Cysts or Fibroids in uterus or ovaries, Heavy bleeding during menses, Irregular periods, Leucorrhoea (White Discharge), Ovary cysts- Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) / polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD), Pain during periods, Scanty discharge.
iv. Eyes, Ear, Nose, Throat & Mouth problems, including: Blisters in Mouth, Certain types of loss of hearing, Conjunctivitis, Cracking teeth, Loss of voice, Pain in eyes, Pus from ears, Ringing of ears (Tinnitus), Sinusitis, Slurred speech, Squint, Stammering, Sty on the eye, Toothache, Vertigo
v. Glands: Graves Disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Hyperthyroid, Hypothyroid, Thymus problems, Tonsils
vi. Multi-system, systemic & other problems including: Asthma, Bed wetting problems, Blockage in arteries, Burning in anus, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Gas & acidity, Heart problems, Increased size of internal organs like liver, Kidney problems, Loss of bodily functions, Loss of control (incontinence), Low haemoglobin, Often catching cold, Paralysis, Persistent feeling of tiredness, Persistent itching, Persistent tears, Persistently feel very cold, Piles, Problem in passing urine, Prostate problems, Ulcers, Urinary problems, Varicose Veins, Yellow colour in white discharge of urine
vii. Cosmetic appearing Issues: Acne, Black blemishes, Blackish tongue, Chapped Lips, Cracked nails, Cracked skin on foot Sole or elsewhere, Dark spots under eyes, Early greying hair, Fungal infection, Loss of weight, Pale face, Pimples, Skin around nails peeling, Skin dryness, Skin psoriasis or rupture, Warts
viii. Problems of Children with Special Needs including: Delayed growth, Strabismus in eyes [squint]

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