One Seed Sprouts to Many – That’s October for you!

October is an in-between month: in-between summer and winter.  There are many smile activities of Sujok Healing.

Homemaker-Turned-Healer On A Curative Mission
Contact for Sujok classes for November in Delhi, Lucknow, Miami and other locations.
Sujok Smile Healing [fb]
In sync with Gaia
Smile world
Contact us if you can translate messages for our Global Sujok page. SJ T Birgitta Svensson, is translating into Swedish whenever possible.  Ana Delon and Anna Goodman are translating for the version in Spanish Sanar con Su Jok y Sonrisa. Smile gratitude to everyone.

A heads-up- SJ T Shweta Pappu is planning a presentation in New York in the coming months. Contact us if you are in New York.

Whoever is ready, however you are ready, we are here. Bringing our shared vision of smile world.

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