How to do ring massage

The  massage ring is one of the most popular items of Sujok therapy. It is simple but very effective in toning up all organs. It promotes an immediate sense of well-being, bringing a smile to the body and mind. If there is a body pain or a dis-ease in an organ the ring massage on correspondence points is very useful.
No wonder we heard someone call it the magical massage ring!

Here are the instructions on how to use the massage ring:

– Roll the ring on each finger and toe.
– Massage from the tip to the base – i.e. the entire length of each toe and finger.
– If there is a specific pain in the body, focus on the correspondence of that body part. e.g. for the head, use the first phalange of the thumb or big toes. You can also use the first phalange of any finger or toe. For knees, focus on the two middle joints of the two middle fingers or toes.
Consult a book or a Sujok therapist for related organs that the ring massage will help.

Sujok Tips for Good Health - ring massage

Ring massage for Sujok therapy

-Choose a size that puts pressure that you are comfortable with. There are usually two sizes available.


– Do not wear the ring. It is only to be used to massage the fingers and toes.
– Do not use on skin that is cut or injured.

References for students –

In STANDARD SYSTEM, the fingers correspond to the limbs [arms and legs] and their joints.

In INSECT SYSTEM, each finger has correspondence to the organs and different parts of the body.

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