How natural is Sujok

How natural it is, to touch someone’s hand to give comfort.

hands Su Jok natural

How natural it is, to learn to touch the correspondence of the painful body parts on someone’s hands to make the comfort last.

sujok hands probe

How natural it is to guide a person to find the correspondence points for themselves.

Backbone correspondence points

How natural it is to study, learn, and spread Sujok therapy to as many people as possible.  To bring comfort and lasting relief from pains of mind, body, life.

sujok session

And this way, after helping to upgrade a person’s consciousness about the way their body communicates with its correspondence points on hands and feet, the comfort comes full circle.

A Sujok healer is born, a patient who experiences Sujok healing helps to bring its benefits to others. And that is naturally, true comfort.

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