It is a healing of love

It is indescribable- the love that flows when an acute or chronic pain is healed with Sujok.

Su Jok Therapy as a philosophical system and healing method which is full of the Spirit of Love of Our Creator for all beings in the cosmos, which gives it universal healing power.~ Sujok Triorigin Smile

“<<HE intentionally created>> our Hands and Feet showing similarity to our body. ..What’s the Purpose? HE wants <<to HELP us>>.

Why does HE want to Help us? Because HE <<Loves us>>. HE deliberately chose to put body similarity on <<Hands>> and <<Feet>> because they are easily accessible to us all our life. This expresses HIS eagerness to inform us about this healing system. This is a clear evidence that HE Loves us.” ~ Prof. Park, Jae Woo, ‘Sujok Ki’.

Prof Park, Jae Woo mapped the development of emotions and their correspondences in the hands and feet. For today, when many people in the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day of expressing love to family, friends, colleagues and beloveds, what is the place where Prof Park, Jae Woo mapped the emotion of love?

love and wonder

Touch that joint in a mudra and experience the wonder of the generous gift of love given to us to heal self and others.

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