SJ. T. Sunil Mahajan

Affiliations: Sujok Ki International, International Triorigin Academy, International Sujok Association

I take up only those cases which have been diagnosed as “untreatable” or “require lifelong medication” as prescribed by modern hospitals
An engineer and professional manager by training, SJ. T. Sunil Mahajan has studied and used alternative methods of treatment since 2008. He has extensive experience with patients with a wide spectrum of disorders.

Principles of Sujok and Other Oriental Sciences

Western & Oriental Systems and the Science of Sujok

Engineering at IIT Kanpur taught me the value & methodologies of Logic. What attracts me specially to the Science of Sujok is the flawless connectivity between stimuli and results of those stimuli on the condition of the patient. It is a new science with roots thousands of years old.
It is old because the systems used are a collation of principles used in India, China, Egypt & even Phoenicia for over 2000 years. Bits and pieces are known in most traditional households. The fact was driven home to me when my maid was on the verge of getting a summer cold and I applied Garlic on the correspondence. I left for office with the admonition that should the skin turn dark, to call me immediately so I could change the treatment. Shyly she asked – “Will you apply Methidana”. Surprised I asked her how she knew, to which she replied that is what they do in their village.
It is “new” because of two factors
1.  The system of education we have been taught under in the last 100 years, invariably indirectly encourages scoffing at traditional knowledge and belief, though words to that effect are not used. It is drummed into us that the “latest” stuff is the best. Hence we are not even aware of ancient knowledge or are mentally conditioned that anything that is not widely advertised, is mumbo-jumbo.
2.  Though ancient systems of all types including Chinese systems, Yoga, Reiki, Reflexology etc. have been collated, a huge amount of brilliant research has been done by a genius Prof Park Jae Woo, an MD from Korea who had resettled in Moscow. From 1968 to March 25, 2010 when he passed away, he built an incredible connectivity between these systems and evolved much simplified solutions than traditional systems have.
Over these years, the number of practitioners developed are so few in number that awareness of this science is low. Hence it seems new.

~ SJ. T. Sunil Mahajan, AM

Even after doing so many treatments, after each successful one, why do I feel like an outsider looking in to see what miracles God has wrought. All “I” did was draw a few lines, stuck a few magnets, seeds or fingers, punctured a few points if at all required, and lifelong ailments went away. I was not taught all this in IIT or in FMS.

I just feel “I” have done nothing remarkable,just wielded a spanner on his behalf.

I keep wondering at what God has given us. As an engineer, my mind says that our body is a organic pc with built in multiple control panels, of the most sophisticated kind. May I, please God, be at least a successful mechanic at this work. After all there is only one engineer of this level. The happy smiles on formerly dead faces, give me all the pleasure I could ask for.

~ SJ. T. Sunil Mahajan, AM