IndiaSujok is a global initiative with its nucleus in India to help bring the vision of Prof. Park, Jae Woo into the world, of a Sujok healer in every household.

Sujok is an avant-garde system of medical treatment with roots thousands of years old.
~ SJ. T. Sunil Mahajan

     At IndiaSujok, we use a holistic approach to bring out the inner smile by treatments and training. Our classes and clinics provide students and patients the tools and techniques to treat ailments and diseased conditions. Our patients are also shown how to continue the treatment at home, for a consistent improvement.

     We use tools and techniques as suggested by Prof. Park, Jae Woo in his writings and personal consultations with our seniors, choosing the most effective techniques and high quality products for the right vibrational level of treatment.


   This website is being developed to carry forward the mission laid down by the Founding Father of Sujok Triorigin Smile system – Prof. Park, Jae Woo – who envisioned that the worldwide thrust of carrying the messages of Sujok therapy to every household in the world, would come from this Holy Land of India.

Our practitioners are committed to using ethical and balanced standards of treatment and practice, offering therapy to as many people as our time and resources permit. We are also seeking to train people who are drawn to deepening their experience of Sujok as patients or students. If you are interested, contact us for a session of therapy or learning, ask about our free clinics, pay for sessions or donate for materials to help us continue to serve those who cannot pay for treatments.

Classes now available on Weekends or weekdays, in India and USA.     Contact

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IndiaSujok Gharana

One day we realized with a start that we are more than 1000 world-wide who have been taught by our seniors. We are now collecting you together.  Our home countries are Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Peru, Sweden, Venezuela, and USA. Contact stay tuned!


SJ. T. Bhupinder Kaur
New Delhi

Anju GuptaSJ. T. Anju Gupta

SJ. T. Sunil Mahajan
New Delhi

SJ. T. Meenakshi Suri


  • Birgitta Svensson, Sweden Email
  • Shweta Pappu, New York, USA Email
  • Amanda Zapata, Andreina Pradas, Ana Delon, Anne de Pontalba, Claudia Halwani, Elsy Fernandez, Fernando Cacabelos, Jeannie Kelly, Jessica Londono, Larissa Garrido, Melissa McDonald, Myra Figueroa, Nina Molina,  Rita Saenz, Tere Bertinelli, Teresita Sanabria-Scavo, Terry Ros, in Miami, Fl, USA (more to add) Email
  • Kalu Fermandois, Sydney, NSW, Australia and Miami, Fl, USA  Email
  • Shalom Mayberg, Oregon, USA Email
  • Heike Bischoff, Germany Email

For all India-based practitioners please  Contact

  • A Chauhan, Delhi, India
  • Rita Anand, Mumbai
  • Sant Ram Bansal, Dehradun
  • Shashwati Sen Chauhan, Gurgaon
  • Anju Dhaka, Chandigarh
  • S. S. Gaur, Itarsi
  • Mr. Halbe, Jabalpur
  • Mrs. Johal, Ambala
  • Shilpi Karve, Mumbai
  • Gurvinder Kaur,  Bhopal
  • R N Mani, Devlali
  • Nidhi Sharma,  Bhopal
  • Sonia Sood, Mhao
  • Vinita Suri, Mumbai

more names to come…

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