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Sujok in New York March 22nd-29th

Dear Friends

Mr. Sunil Mahajan, Sujok Practitioner and Lecturer, delegate representing Government of India in trade talks at United Nations is visiting NYC from March 22nd to 29th, 2014.

Mr. Mahajan is available for one-to-one consultations from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. for analysis and healing of all ailments with Sujok, Sujok Ki, Triorigin healing, Smile Meditation, mudras and mantras. All these forms of healing are non-invasive, drugless, work through hands and feet and are complementary to any form of treatment or healing.

Also we plan to organize individual or group self-help workshops during his stay here.

For interested students, who register by March 18th we can organize a Level 1 certification class in Sujok Therapy.

Please click to email, or fill in the form below  for appointments and questions.

Regards, Shweta Pappu, Sujok Therapist, New York

For more information on Sujok and Triorigin look through  this website  or Sujok Smile Healing on Facebook

About Sunil Mahajan


Sujok for Everybody

One of Prof. Park, Jae Woo’s earliest books is ‘Sujok for Everybody’. This outlines simple ways of using “the hand and foot correspondence systems to prevent and manage their initial diseases.”
Prof. Park wrote :

Having learned the hand and foot correspondence system, all people of the Earth will be able to prevent and manage their initial diseases.

This statement is like a seed for our purpose. We seek to help the people who consult or learn from us to become independent in their knowledge and skills, and yet receive the support from their therapists and seniors whenever needed.

Each new student or patient is like a seed who has begun to grow into self-reliance. Taking your own health in your own hands is one of the most powerful decisions you can take.

I am feeling better and better. Now I want to learn Sujok. ~ Patient turned student

Are you ready to learn how to do this?
Contact us for classes and sessions we are scheduling in December and January in Delhi and Gurgaon.

A tip: even when you are typing out the information in this Contact form, you are stimulating not only your fingers but also specific parts of your brain and body.

Intrigued? Come and learn more!

Hands and feet move towards December

You just have to mention Sujok to someone you know, and three responses come within a few minutes of each other. :

        • What is Sujok? I haven’t heard about it. [But I’d like to know more]
        • It sounds fascinating! [But I wonder how it works]
        • The third response depends on each individual’s consciousness: I’d like to learn more, I’ll have to read about it, I am not sure I’d like to explore this further right now.

The speed of response is somewhat close to the response the body shows when you stimulate its correspondence systems, with one major difference: the body and its correspondence systems are aware of each other. There is a good communication between them, a consciousness that somehow we need to develop.

Fortunately for us, Prof. Park, Jae Woo, whose genius is indescribable, discovered this marvelous secret of Nature, a system that has been designed to be discovered.

Fortunately, there’s a growing number of therapists and teachers of Sujok therapy. You can choose to deepen your understanding by attending Sujok workshops [3-4 hours], classes [24 hours at mutually convenient times], attending our free presentations, consulting a responsive team of therapists, reading Prof. Park, Jae Woo’s books and organizing a presentation for your friends, family and neighbors.

You will get tips of how to withstand the cold of December, strengthen your immunity, keep the ill effects of aging at bay.

December classes are being organized now – register or contact for details.

Here is our latest offering of Prof. Park’s Wisdom

sujok love nature

Open Invitation for Daily Smile Meditation – In Sync

We live in this world where Existence Spirit has sent us with hands and feet, arms and legs loaded with tools to help to heal our body.

There are seeds and leaves that can help to heal us, and the presence of each other that helps to keep us smiling.

We are happy to participate in bringing about the Smile World that Professor Park, Jae Woo informed us, is coming.

From the initiative called Sync Gaia Hug, here is a simple message that we can incorporate in our Smile Meditation every day, to get in sync. Please read, participate and share smiles with  everyone.


An Open Invitation for All

How to wrap our Planet in synchronized field of Love ~

 Dear Children of Mother Earth,

I am your Mother Earth. I love you all. Please, come together every day and wrap me and all your brothers and sisters in a synchronized  field of Love.  Here are the words of your brothers and sisters aware of my wish.


Your Mother Earth, Gaia, Terra, the world and anything else you call me!


Dear friends,

We, all Mother Earth’s children, want to show our love and gratitude for the gift of Life that we have on Earth, and for each other.

We invite you:  Let us meditate, worship, pray, be in the resonance of love and gratitude in the first 1/2 hour of any hour for 10 minutes once a day or more.

Together- across every nation, language, politics, color, creed, belief, gender – we can gather together, remotely, online, or in the same physical spaces, for Unity in Diversity.

  • We can be in wordlessness, for 10 minutes or more.
  • Choose the same time every day, at your own convenience. At first, this may be difficult, but once you decide to pray or meditate at a certain time, it will become surprisingly easier.
  • Create a resonance field around the Earth. All are welcome because we will give and receive without depleting the resources of our planet.

Feel and share this resonance of compassion and peace of this round-the-clock synchronized hourly rhythm.


All the people on Earth.


There are free resources from soul family websites at http://syncgaiahug.wordpress.com

via Open Invitation for All.

Sujok Seminar in Lucknow

Anyone in Lucknow or around, wishing to get a glimpse of the science of Sujok, free of charge, may come to Surya Sainik Institute, Cariappa Marg, Near Command Hospital, Lucknow Cantt. on the 8th of Sep. 13, 3pm to 6pm. Pl pre-register by sending me an email with contact details or confirming here.

Sunil Mahajan
email: indiasujok@gmail.com
web : http://www.indiasujok.com/
fb : https://www.facebook.com/SjTSunilMahajan

A glimpse of the basics of Sujok can be seen on http://youtu.be/-6c-FJRlkWM

Short presentation – What is Sujok?

There’s a 10-minute introduction to Sujok by Bhupinder Kaur, given as a free presentation to 400 participants on Aug. 14th.

Take a look at the video at this link.

Sujok is for everybody.
400 Participants listened to Sujok presentation in NCC auditorium, New Delhi, Sujok welfare services for Humanity.
I dedicate my life to spread Sujok as holy mission on this earth with soul smile.
I am thankful to the almighty.
With gratitude to Prof. Park Jae Woo
Bhupinder Kaur