Correspondences to ear

For ailments of the ears, use a combination of standard system, insect system and animal system.
Locate correspondence point that is painful to pressure.
Massage with probe, blunt pencil, ring or even a twig or seed.
Then apply whole black pepper with medical tape for 8 – 10 hours. Remove the pepper after use and throw away, thanking them for giving their healing energy to you, then if the problem is still there, repeat.

Here are the ear correspondences:

Sujok ears standard animal insect

Please note – the red and blue dots indicate the general location of correspondence points. Prof Park Jae Woo suggested that we can locate the actual points by plotting the person’s face on the finger or toe, and probing with a special tool like a jimmy or with a blunt pencil.

Tips:The animal system is very useful for the sense organ function of the ear.

For ear infection, you can color the correspondence point black.

Gratitude to the work of Prof Park Jae Woo.

Keep your immunity strong

Seasons are changing – keep your immunity strong. Massage, moxa, invite smile energy, apply seed therapy to the correspondence of spleen and thymus in your hands or feet.

spleen thymus correspondence immunity Sujok

Spleen and thymus correspondence in MAIN or STANDARD correspondence system

In the MAIN or STANDARD system: On the left hand, the spleen and thymus correspondences are close to one another, so they can be massaged together or pressed 60 times with your thumb.

On the right hand, they are further from one another, so you can locate points that are painful on touching, and apply seeds.

insect standard-system2

Each finger has the same correspondence. TIP- use the middle finger for spleen.

In the INSECT SYSTEM: the thymus and spleen points are on each finger and toe.

In the MINI system, each finger has a different correspondence map. This is where spleen and thymus are on the index [or “second”] finger of right hand, and little [or “fifth”] finger of left hand:

mini system index finger  In NAIL THERAPY system, the little [“fifth”] toenail of the right foot represents the spleen. Press in five steps:

nail pressAccording to the Organ clock-time, work on spleen points from 9 am – 11 am.