Sujok Courses and Training

Ongoing Flexi-Time Training Course  with SJ. T. Sunil Mahajan, AM in South Delhi;  and SJ. T. Meenakshi Suri in Miami, Florida. Classes in Gurgaon, are also possible.   Click for Details

Sujok Therapy courses are customized to your needs, the level of your education and experience. They are rich in content and practice, allowing students to begin to treat ailments as soon as possible. Senior colleagues are always available for consultation.

Our courses allow people with different educational backgrounds to develop the necessary skills to begin Sujok.

Do you feel that you need medical training BEFORE you learn Sujok Therapy? You will find that is not necessary. Apart from what is shown in the classes, basics of anatomy and physiology are easily available on selected sites on the internet. Many related functions are a part of the course and taken up in a way that non-medical students can easily grasp them.

Among the leading Sujok Practitioners are many people from backgrounds as diverse as Humanities, Arts, Commerce, Business, Science & Engineering. Many are Graduates or 10+2 with experience.
Of course, as you increase the number of patients you treat you will want to and can easily keep increasing your knowledge to graduate to higher levels of treatment. Knowledge is an ever-expanding Ocean and we encourage our colleagues to keep acquiring it.

In any case, we constantly urge our patients that regarding any medication they are taking, they must consult their own Doctors in that field. Our treatments have no bearing on any medication-dependent treatments.

In line with the wishes of the master that sujok must reach every household on the planet, various courses are organised by Indiasujok Gharana, many of them being virtually free. We thank our paying students and patients whose contribution helps to subsidise the other courses and treatments of many free patients.