Learn Sujok

Learn Sujok Correspondence System,Seed Therapy and related therapies for self or as practitioner from our faculty in India and USA.

  • Level 2 and upper level courses, Samwondong [Triorigin Taiji] &  other related Triorigin courses taught by SJ. T. Anju Gupta and SJ. T. Bhupinder Kaur.
  • Level I  Sujok with Classes & Live Practicals offered monthly in New Delhi and Miami
    • DELHI classes with SJ. T. Sunil Mahajan, AM. Contact
    • Classes in  Miami, Florida  with Meenakshi Suri   Email journey.wholeness@gmail.com with convenient dates and times.

If you are interested in attending or organizing a presentation, workshop or certification class in your area, contact us.

Total time for Teaching cum Practicum = 24 hours for Certification.
Internationally recognised certification is issued by Sujok Ki International, under the auspices of International Triorigin Academy
Minimum qualification : High school. Preferred – Graduates in any stream.

Dr Sunil Mahajan, AM at IIT[K] convention in IIT[D]  SJ. T. Sunil Mahajan (AM) is teaching  on Sundays & Holidays, in Delhi.

There is a practicum-cum-free clinic every Tuesday in Miami. Contact for venue.

We are committed to developing as many Sujok practitioners as possible, in line with the Master’s vision.

Level 1 sessions are offered  flexi-time,  disseminated on the principles of mentoring, or Guru-Shishya parampara (Teacher-Student one-to-one sustained interaction: the traditional Indian system of teaching). Classes with real-time Practicum are on weekends. Each session is of four hours with specific times to be decided in consultation with the student.

Dates : Contact us for the next batch
Time : Any 4 to 8 hours between 11 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. by mutual consent.
Course Fees: Contact for group or individual class fees.
SJ. T. Mahajan and Meenakshi Suri also take these classes on internet.
Course Kit, Lunch, Tea & Snacks inclusive for in-person sessions.

 If you would like to gift a scholarship, please  contact us .If you need a scholarship, contact us.

Audience of IIT[K] alumni and families listening to alumnus Dr Sunil Mahajan, AM

After Certification, you automatically become a member of our online groups  which are  interactive platforms for Experts, Patients, Students and Faculty associated with IndiaSujok. The platforms allow you constant access to others for support and guidance on cases and clarifications in your treatments.

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