Black Pepper Seed Therapy

Seeds give life to plants. This provides evidence that energy of huge power is present in them in latent form.
~ Prof Park Jae Woo ‘s Su Jok Seed Therapy

Being live biological structures, the seeds possess a great stock of life energy necessary for the development of a new plant.

When the seeds are applied to the correspondence points they awaken, and their biological fields start interacting with the <<globules of correspondence>> to the affected organs and parts of the body thus restoring their energy potential.

~ Prof. Park, Jae Woo, Be Your Own Sujok Doctor

Seeds are divine gifts from Existence Spirit. Sujok Seed Therapy can be upgraded when you are conscious of the plant the seed comes from, and the plant which is latent within the seed. Sujok therapy helps us to use their life force for healing ailments. Thank the seeds for what they provide us.

Black pepper or peppercorns are used for informing the pituitary gland, stimulating the spinal and eye correspondence points, and other points as well.

Black pepper grows in a vine that first came from South India and is now the most easy to find spice seed all over the world.

If you’re cold: warm those energy points

energy su

Energy points on hands

Energy point correspondences are on both yin and yang surfaces of hands and feet. This shows the standard or main system of correspondence.

energy jok

Energy points on feet

The energy points can be warmed  with moxa as a complete therapy.Black pepper or dried green peas can also be applied. Ideally, first put seeds and then and then moxa – heat them. This helps to keep the body warm, get rid of body aches and pains and also remove tiredness or fatigue since the spine is energetically and physically connected to all body organs.

Mini mixa on hand

Mini moxa on hand energy points – Yin side

As a general rule, if a problem is acute or sudden, use energy points on yang side, i.e. the back or darker side of the hand and foot.   If it is chronic, and resisting treatment, use the yin or lighter side of hand and foot. You can use 1, 2 or all 4 hands/feet combinations depending on the severity of the problem. Find the points that are most painful on pressing: they are the best treatable points.

The energy points are on the correspondence of the backbone or spine. In Sujok therapy this is usually called the TW or Triple Warmer, following the Traditional Chinese Medicine system.

As we go deeper into the study of the energy points, more information unfolds about their significance and the different ailments they can be used for. Until then, keep the points warm, and share your experiences.