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Sujok Seminar in Lucknow

Anyone in Lucknow or around, wishing to get a glimpse of the science of Sujok, free of charge, may come to Surya Sainik Institute, Cariappa Marg, Near Command Hospital, Lucknow Cantt. on the 8th of Sep. 13, 3pm to 6pm. Pl pre-register by sending me an email with contact details or confirming here.

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Smile Taiji in Gurgaon -July at India Sujok

We are delighted to announce Smile Taiji classes taught by Bhupinder Kaur, whose smiling presence embodies the spirit of Smile Taiji – or Taichi.

This week, she is teaching at Naraina. In the third week of July, classes are in Gurgaon. Comment here, or email for details.

About the Class:
The class will introduce the principles of Triorigin as they flow in our body, mind and soul.This is done through body movement and teaching the underlying theory.
The class is suitable for people of any age. You don’t need to be physically fit, but you do need to be mobile.
Bring a notebook and pen, and wear comfortable, loose clothes. Gym clothes are fine, loose pants and shirt or t-shirt, or salwar kameez. Try to eat at least one hour before the class.

What is Smile Taiji?
Smile Taiji, developed by Prof. Park, Jae Woo, is a set of body motions which is most beautifully organized on the principles of TRIORIGIN.
When the body is moving by Triorigin order, the body and mind become one, helping the self to experience soul smile.
Spiral motions produce Neutro harmony in the body, activating LIFE substances, blood and energy circulations. All organs start smiling.

To register, send:
– Your full name, date of birth, full address, mobile /phone number and email address.
– Which session are you registering for: third or fourth week of July.
– 11 am – 1 pm or 3 pm- 6 pm
Location: Gurgaon [details will be given as available]
Cost: Rs. 3,600 at the door. Discount of Rs 100 with pre-registration.

Forward this message to anyone  who you feel would benefit. Let us  know if you are interested in our classes at other locations or dates.

For updates, register, comment here, email us, bookmark this page or visit our facebook pages:
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