Hands and feet move towards December

You just have to mention Sujok to someone you know, and three responses come within a few minutes of each other. :

        • What is Sujok? I haven’t heard about it. [But I’d like to know more]
        • It sounds fascinating! [But I wonder how it works]
        • The third response depends on each individual’s consciousness: I’d like to learn more, I’ll have to read about it, I am not sure I’d like to explore this further right now.

The speed of response is somewhat close to the response the body shows when you stimulate its correspondence systems, with one major difference: the body and its correspondence systems are aware of each other. There is a good communication between them, a consciousness that somehow we need to develop.

Fortunately for us, Prof. Park, Jae Woo, whose genius is indescribable, discovered this marvelous secret of Nature, a system that has been designed to be discovered.

Fortunately, there’s a growing number of therapists and teachers of Sujok therapy. You can choose to deepen your understanding by attending Sujok workshops [3-4 hours], classes [24 hours at mutually convenient times], attending our free presentations, consulting a responsive team of therapists, reading Prof. Park, Jae Woo’s books and organizing a presentation for your friends, family and neighbors.

You will get tips of how to withstand the cold of December, strengthen your immunity, keep the ill effects of aging at bay.

December classes are being organized now – register or contact for details.

Here is our latest offering of Prof. Park’s Wisdom

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November News

You make the news for November. What are you doing with your hands and feet?

How are you bringing harmony into your life? Bringing a vibrancy into your day? A smile in every moment?

We are convening our classes in different locations, offering healing sessions, Taiji and more.

Use your Jok to head on over ~ use your Su to Contact us.

It’s really all in your hands – and feet to bring a life of smile into your world.

August at India Sujok

We continue our dedication to teach students  and use Sujok therapy for patients as they come, both for free and for fee, with neutro smile spirit, as indicated by Prof. Park, Jae Woo. In large numbers or small, wherever we are based, and whatever is your educational or health background, we are ready to teach or treat. Towards the end of July, we hosted free presentation-cum-healing camp at Ridge Valley School, Gurgaon, and Taiji classes.

August is starting with Smile Taiji class by Bhupinder Kaur in Gurgaon.We are grateful for the help of DLF Foundation.

Sujok therapy classes are open for Level 1 onwards. If you are interested, sign this contact form or write to indiasujok @ gmail. com [remove the spaces if  you copy-paste this email address].

Our healing-cum-teaching clinics are open:
Bhupinder Kaur in West Delhi [free healing clinics]
Dr. Sunil Mahajan, AM  in South Delhi.
Meenakshi Suri in Gurgaon until August 15th, and thereafter, in Miami, Florida.
A Chauhan in Delhi

Contact us to schedule classes, treatment, workshops or presentations in the following locations:

Anju Gupta in Lucknow, India Contact
Sunil Mahajan in Delhi, India Contact
Meenakshi Suri in Miami, Fl, USA Contact
Birgitta Svensson [presentations, healing] in Zurich, Switzerland Contact
Shweta Pappu [presentations, healing]in New York, NY USA Contact

For all India-based practitioners please Contact
Anju Dhaka, Chandigarh
Shilpi Karve, Mumbai
Shashwati Sen Chauhan, Gurgaon
Gurvinder Kaur & Nidhi Sharma in Bhopal
S. S. Gaur, Itarsi
Dr. Sant Ram Bansal, Dehradun
Mr. Halbe, Jabalpur
Mrs. Johal, Ambala
Sonia Sood, Mhao
R N Mani, Devlali

Sujok Therapy - moving fingers cure

Or Email
Bhupinder Kaur indiasujok@
Dr. [Mrs.] Anju Gupta, AM:
Dr. Sunil Mahajan, AM : or Facebook
Meenakshi Suri, Shweta Pappu, Birgitta Svensson: