Correspondences to ear

For ailments of the ears, use a combination of standard system, insect system and animal system.
Locate correspondence point that is painful to pressure.
Massage with probe, blunt pencil, ring or even a twig or seed.
Then apply whole black pepper with medical tape for 8 – 10 hours. Remove the pepper after use and throw away, thanking them for giving their healing energy to you, then if the problem is still there, repeat.

Here are the ear correspondences:

Sujok ears standard animal insect

Please note – the red and blue dots indicate the general location of correspondence points. Prof Park Jae Woo suggested that we can locate the actual points by plotting the person’s face on the finger or toe, and probing with a special tool like a jimmy or with a blunt pencil.

Tips:The animal system is very useful for the sense organ function of the ear.

For ear infection, you can color the correspondence point black.

Gratitude to the work of Prof Park Jae Woo.

Sujok for Everybody

One of Prof. Park, Jae Woo’s earliest books is ‘Sujok for Everybody’. This outlines simple ways of using “the hand and foot correspondence systems to prevent and manage their initial diseases.”
Prof. Park wrote :

Having learned the hand and foot correspondence system, all people of the Earth will be able to prevent and manage their initial diseases.

This statement is like a seed for our purpose. We seek to help the people who consult or learn from us to become independent in their knowledge and skills, and yet receive the support from their therapists and seniors whenever needed.

Each new student or patient is like a seed who has begun to grow into self-reliance. Taking your own health in your own hands is one of the most powerful decisions you can take.

I am feeling better and better. Now I want to learn Sujok. ~ Patient turned student

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A tip: even when you are typing out the information in this Contact form, you are stimulating not only your fingers but also specific parts of your brain and body.

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