Q & A : Does Sujok work for all health problems?

A beautiful question asked from one of our visitors:

Q: Sujok looks really interesting, although the empiricist in me would like to know how (if) it works for all the health problems listed

Reply from Sunil Mahajan

The patient has to be in a positive or at best a neutral frame of mind to allow the higher level treatments to stick. Initial results can be achieved even without that (i.e. even with doubt / negative mindset). Remember, it is the patient’s own system which is treating the malaise. We just enable it to achieve the state of affairs where it can do that.
e.g.: All my epilepsy cases have one thing in common. None of the patients have had a major fit since they came to me. However, the oldest case and the later ones never had the problem go away. The oldest case came 19 months ago, a male now 47 years old, with 8 to 10 major seizures every month with full medication, has had the problem since age 10.  They all still occasionally have “minor” seizures, where the face develops a minor tick, but the mind and soul are now enabled to take control and not let it develop into a full seizure.
I believe that with a negative mindset this self control would not have happened.
The cure will happen when I go for the soul treatment (soul controls the energies, which control the physical body). I am just preparing the ground for their soul to accept it.

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Engineer turned Doctor

What about Mechanical Engineering?

Induction Motor ke kayeen funde use hotey hain. Waise bhi, bahut macheenen chalaa leen. Ab insaanon ko chalayen [Many basics of induction motors are used here. In any case, I’ve run many machines, now let’s get human beings going]

Man – the ultimate machine with (now we know with the principles of Sujok) built-in Control Panels. Unbelievable but provably true.

The system provably presumes that the functioning of our physical self can be directly controlled by tapping the body’s built-in neural networks and energy pathways. This is achieved by direct communications with them or through the transcendental levels.

Which means that the practitioner’s only role is to provide the appropriate stimuli, while the patient’s body, mind and soul carry out self-repairs of the system. Soul to Soul interactions are necessary to carry out heavy-duty work.

Transcendental systems cannot be directly accessed by mere mortals like me, yet Sujok has developed some mechanical techniques to reach some aspects of this level.

~ Dr Sunil Mahajan, Engineer-turned- Su Jok doctor