A paradigm of healing for this new world

Just yesterday after a session of  Smile Mudra, Mantra, Meditation  in Miami,   a professor of biomedical engineering discovered that by placing his own two fingers on the correspondence points of his injured leg, he was able to get instantaneous relief from  chronic surgical pain. He was in smile consciousness and all he needed was to be shown what he could do himself, and how.  The smile on his  face  was just wonderful.

He was keen to continue this result with applied seed therapy, which will mean applying black peppercorns with a medical tape, on a few of the correspondence points, to help the healing to continue- all of which he can do himself. If required, specific treatments can also be  given by a Sujok therapist trained in  advanced levels of Sujok therapy, Sujok Ki and Triorigin.

Sujok healers see that smile often, and that helps our own smile consciousness to expand. I am so grateful to Prof. Park Jae Woo for bringing the smile consciousness to the world. I am deeply grateful to my Sujok gurus for this consciousness.

Sujok, based on Triorigin Theory,  is not [just] an alternative healing system, nor [just] a complementary therapy – it is a whole new paradigm in healing.

Knowledge of the treatable correspondence points on hands and feet, and of the different ways in which they can be stimulated,  can help anyone, because there are tools that can be used at different levels of consciousness.

The healer’s and recipient’s consciousness both unfold as a result. Since the healer and recipient can be the same person – self-healing, in other words – the healing frees a person, rather than bind them to a drug or an outside healer. As therapists, a Sujok healer uses the knowing of Triorigin  to help the receiver’s own consciousness to move from a disease consciousness to smile consciousness.

Sujok  is truly a paradigm of healing for the new consciousness that is dawning.

At different academic levels the lecturers of the global IndiaSujok Gharana teach:

Correspondence points of joints, limbs, different parts of the body, organs, glands.
Correspondences to the meridians, chakra energies,emotions.
Ways to reach deeper and more specifically the imbalanced part of mind, body, life.

Seeds. Colour. Palm leaf. Micro-magnets.Finger ki.Meditation. Taiji. Twist Therapy.

Intrigued? Dip into the ocean of Sujok therapy. Wherever you touch the ocean, you have access to everything that the waters contain.

 All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop  ~Kabir

Sounds like ages ago, the wise ones knew about the coming of Sujok healing

smile ocean