seed therapy

Keep your immunity strong

Seasons are changing – keep your immunity strong. Massage, moxa, invite smile energy, apply seed therapy to the correspondence of spleen and thymus in your hands or feet.

spleen thymus correspondence immunity Sujok

Spleen and thymus correspondence in MAIN or STANDARD correspondence system

In the MAIN or STANDARD system: On the left hand, the spleen and thymus correspondences are close to one another, so they can be massaged together or pressed 60 times with your thumb.

On the right hand, they are further from one another, so you can locate points that are painful on touching, and apply seeds.

insect standard-system2

Each finger has the same correspondence. TIP- use the middle finger for spleen.

In the INSECT SYSTEM: the thymus and spleen points are on each finger and toe.

In the MINI system, each finger has a different correspondence map. This is where spleen and thymus are on the index [or “second”] finger of right hand, and little [or “fifth”] finger of left hand:

mini system index finger  In NAIL THERAPY system, the little [“fifth”] toenail of the right foot represents the spleen. Press in five steps:

nail pressAccording to the Organ clock-time, work on spleen points from 9 am – 11 am.

Plants, seeds and mankind

Quotes from Prof. Park, Jae Woo, Su Jok Seed Therapy

Man’s life depends on plants, and in turn, the life of plants is dependent on man’s activities.

Owing to the presence of similar factors (Homo-factors) people and plants enter into a process of Homo interaction, which guarantees them preservation,stability and development.

“Seed therapy, by virtue of its simplicity and ease of application, can be employed by any person, but at the same time, professional knowledge about the properties of various plants helps realize all potentialities of this method.” ~ Prof Park, Jae Woo




Black Pepper Seed Therapy

Seeds give life to plants. This provides evidence that energy of huge power is present in them in latent form.
~ Prof Park Jae Woo ‘s Su Jok Seed Therapy

Being live biological structures, the seeds possess a great stock of life energy necessary for the development of a new plant.

When the seeds are applied to the correspondence points they awaken, and their biological fields start interacting with the <<globules of correspondence>> to the affected organs and parts of the body thus restoring their energy potential.

~ Prof. Park, Jae Woo, Be Your Own Sujok Doctor

Seeds are divine gifts from Existence Spirit. Sujok Seed Therapy can be upgraded when you are conscious of the plant the seed comes from, and the plant which is latent within the seed. Sujok therapy helps us to use their life force for healing ailments. Thank the seeds for what they provide us.

Black pepper or peppercorns are used for informing the pituitary gland, stimulating the spinal and eye correspondence points, and other points as well.

Black pepper grows in a vine that first came from South India and is now the most easy to find spice seed all over the world.