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Open Invitation for Daily Smile Meditation – In Sync

We live in this world where Existence Spirit has sent us with hands and feet, arms and legs loaded with tools to help to heal our body.

There are seeds and leaves that can help to heal us, and the presence of each other that helps to keep us smiling.

We are happy to participate in bringing about the Smile World that Professor Park, Jae Woo informed us, is coming.

From the initiative called Sync Gaia Hug, here is a simple message that we can incorporate in our Smile Meditation every day, to get in sync. Please read, participate and share smiles with  everyone.


An Open Invitation for All

How to wrap our Planet in synchronized field of Love ~

 Dear Children of Mother Earth,

I am your Mother Earth. I love you all. Please, come together every day and wrap me and all your brothers and sisters in a synchronized  field of Love.  Here are the words of your brothers and sisters aware of my wish.


Your Mother Earth, Gaia, Terra, the world and anything else you call me!


Dear friends,

We, all Mother Earth’s children, want to show our love and gratitude for the gift of Life that we have on Earth, and for each other.

We invite you:  Let us meditate, worship, pray, be in the resonance of love and gratitude in the first 1/2 hour of any hour for 10 minutes once a day or more.

Together- across every nation, language, politics, color, creed, belief, gender – we can gather together, remotely, online, or in the same physical spaces, for Unity in Diversity.

  • We can be in wordlessness, for 10 minutes or more.
  • Choose the same time every day, at your own convenience. At first, this may be difficult, but once you decide to pray or meditate at a certain time, it will become surprisingly easier.
  • Create a resonance field around the Earth. All are welcome because we will give and receive without depleting the resources of our planet.

Feel and share this resonance of compassion and peace of this round-the-clock synchronized hourly rhythm.


All the people on Earth.


There are free resources from soul family websites at

via Open Invitation for All.