These words of Prof. Park, Jae Woo are shared here to show the depth and variety of Sujok and Triorigin.

Ancient Roots from the Whole World: Onnuri

Since ancient times mankind has known that certain areas of our body interact with some other areas and with the whole organism, and used this knowledge for diagnosing and treatment of diseases by acupunture, point massage, warming, cautery of the points etc. ~ Prof Park, Jae woo ‘Be your own Su Jok Doctor’

Correspondence System

“A correspondence system is a peculiar metaphysical (pertaining to information and energy) copy of our body or of its individual part that reflects not only the anatomic structure but the functional state as well.
All correspondence systems of different levels are characterized by their capability to simultaneously receive information about disorder, react to this information by marked increase in pain sensitivity in correspondence points, and produce a curative effect through their stimulation.”~ Prof. Park, Jae Woo, A Guide to Su Jok Therapy

Direction Therapy

The main principle of direction therapy is that if you don’t feel good in your body and mind in a certain direction, simple change your body direction ~ Prof Park, Jae Woo, Direction Therapy.

Natural Therapy

“We constantly receive help, not only from the people close to us, but also from the animals, plants, objects and other constituents of nature…” ~Prof Park, Jae Woo,

In a park take off your shoes and stand on the grass under a tree. Feel its rough trunk with your hands….Feel this kind force in your feet, hands and thank Nature for healing.~ Prof Park Jae Woo, Su Jok: Seed Therapy

Palm Leaf Therapy

The structure of palm leaf shows strong flowing of vertical energy. It is easy and convenient to apply the palm leaf..to the skin, for treatment of diseases. ~ Prof Park, Jae Woo,Miracle of Palm Leaf

Seed Therapy

Seeds can be used as massagers. For stimulation of larger corresponding areas …liver, stomach, lungs etc…hard stones of a peach, mango, a walnut, horse chestnut, cones of coniferous trees and ear of corn can be utlised.~ Prof Park Jae Woo

“If we use seeds, we should know the place of attachment of the seed to the mother plant…Knowing the basic direction of energy flow in this or that part of a plant, it is possible to change (accelerate or inhibit) physiological processes.”~ Prof Park, Jae Woo

Su Jok Seed Therapy

Sujok Ki

Life Energy is movement of Body, Mind, and Soul particle together. So, by influencing and harmonizing our Life Energy system we can harmonize Body, Mind and Soul level diseases very effectively ~ Prof Park, Jae Woo, Sujok Ki

Diamond energy system is a primary and fundamental energy system. Consequently by using it, a substantial impact can be made on the human body ~ Prof. Park, Jae Woo ‘Triorigin Acupuncture’

Sujok Practitioner

A practitioner must meet a patient with smile.~ Prof. Park Jae Woo

Limitations do not exist for a practitioner in the Neutro state and even devastating diseases do not bewilder him. All energies are at the practitioner’s disposal and he can effectively use [them]. ~ Prof. Park Jae Woo

A practitioner should prepare himself for work with the patient. Achievement of the required mental state is aided by the regular practice of Triorigin Taichi and Smile yoga with music.~ Prof. Park Jae Woo

In Triorigin Acupuncture

 Sujok Therapy

Sujok therapy is not invented by human beings. It is invented by HIM.~Prof Park Jae Woo


Hands and feet show similarity to our body, so there is <<HIS>> clear intention behind this creation…What’s the purpose? HE wants to help us.Why does HE want to Help us? Because HE <<Loves us>>. HE deliberately chose to put body similarity on <<Hands>> and <<Feet>> because they are easily accessible to us all our life. This expresses HIS eagerness to inform us about this healing system. This is a clear evidence that HE Loves us.” ~ Prof. Park, Jae Woo, ‘Sujok Ki’.

The discovery of the body correspondence system on the hands and feet brought to existence the Su Jok therapy method.
Until now I have never ceased to wonder, how the hands and feet are similar to the human body in their structure. This is mysterious similarity indeed. And it is especially evident in the structure of the hands which are constantly before our eyes.Probably, this is meant to draw man’s attention and to contribute to the soonest discovery of these systems. ~ Prof. Park Jae Woo, Preface to A Guide to Su Jok Therapy

inviting divine grace

Prof Park, Jae Wo0


Hetero character means sudden, acute, unexpected, short term, fluctuating, superficial expression of disharmony. Homo character means gradual, chronic, expected, long term, stable, deep, repeating expression of disharmony ~ Prof. Park, Jae Woo, Sujok Ki.

Universal Drama

‘Through each soul HE gave us a certain role in this world as an actor and actress on this world’s stage.’

Upgrade your Consciousness

If we have some solution to upgrade ourself – to increase our mental capacity and physical capacities..diseases will be automatically cured… It is called ‘upgrade medicine’. Without any treatment – only by upgrading – diseases are treated automatically. ~ the Master, Prof Park Jae Woo