A Little First Aid with Sujok:

That was really amazing. The way my blurry eyes instantly cleared when I massaged my finger! In just one minute the plant suddenly looked greener and the smoke in the air disappeared. Thanks for showing me the correct correspondence point.~ Meenakshi Suri


Epilepsy Male 45 yrs: Testimonial after 5 1/2 months of Sujok therapy

A family shares delighted laughter after a quick resolution to pain.

A family where everyone except the daughter has seen Sujok working. The daughter had pain in both legs from her dance class. She allowed Sujok treatment only at the end of the day, doubtful that it would work.

The mother massaged the correspondence points on fingers and toes and twisted the joints.

After a few minutes, the daughter checked her legs, bent her knees and could find no pain.

Startled, happy she said light-heartedly to her father  – Dad, your wife is weird. My leg ache has gone.
Father [grinning] – Really?
Mother – Yes, it’s not a joke
Father – No, it’s SuJok!