Sujok Treatments

Sujok can treat a wide range of ailments including chronic ones. They include disorders of body, mind, emotions, conception or psychiatric problems.  The problems can show up in any part, organ or system of the body: head, spine, ear, nose, throat, eyes, nervous system,  glands including thyroid, cardiovascular system,  etc. Overall, what is being treated is not the ailment, but the imbalance that is causing the ailment in the person. So for instance, two women who are not being able to conceive, may have some conditions in common, and others which are unique to them.

Each patient is unique, and each ailment is unique. That is where the skill, experience and consciousness of the Sujok therapist comes in. At each stage, however, the patient is involved in his or her own healing.


Some conditions can be treated at one sitting; and others need to be treated over a longer time, using a protocol that is worked out.

manos pies Su Jok

Anyone with ailments qualified as “untreatable”, “requiring lifelong treatment” or whose treatment lies in suppression of symptoms, can contact for evaluation via alternative therapies, using mainly ancient Indian systems, rejuvenated.

“I take up only those cases which have been diagnosed by modern hospitals as “untreatable” or “require lifelong medication”.
SJ. T. Sunil Mahajan, AM

Sujok therapy can treat a wide range of ailments including chronic ones. They include but are not limited to:

1.  Chronic Pains and Aches of any type, including:
– Arthritis
– Cervical & Spine including spondylitis & lumbar pains
– Cramps
– Frozen shoulder
– Headaches
– Inherited pains
– Joints
– Legs pain
– Migraine
– Plantar fasciitis

2.  Disorders of Mind, including:
– Asocial behaviour
– Depression
– Epilepsy
– Fearfulness
– Increasing loss of memory
– Insomnia characteristics
– Low confidence level
– Mental retardation
– Nervousness
– Persistent mental agony or anxiety
– Skittish mind (inability to focus)
– Unreasonably repetitive behaviour

3.  Reproduction & related problems including:

a.  Male
– Elephantiasis
– Impotence
– Low sperm Count
– Night fall

b.  Female
– Blocked Fallopian tube
– Cyst in uterus
– Fibroids in uterus
– Heavy bleeding during menses
– Irregular periods
– Leucorrhoea (White Discharge)
– Ovary cysts- Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) /polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD)
– Pain during periods
– Scanty discharge


4.  Eyes, Ear, Nose, Throat & Mouth problems, including:

– Blisters in Mouth
– Certain types of loss of hearing
– Conjunctivitis
– Cracking teeth
Loss of voice
– Pain in eyes
– Pus from ears
– Ringing of ears (Tinnitus)
– Sinusitis
– Slurred speech
– Squint
– Stammering
– Sty on the eye
– Toothache
– Vertigo

5.  Glands
– Graves Disease
– Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
– Hyperthyroid
– Hypothyroid
– Thymus problems
– Tonsils

6.  Multi-system, systemic & other problems including:
– Asthma
– Bed wetting problems
– Blockage in arteries
– Burning in anus
– Constipation
– Diarrhoea
– Gas & acidity
– heart problems
– Increased size of internal organs like liver
– Kidney problems
– Loss of bodily functions
– Loss of control (incontinence)
– Low haemoglobin
– Often catching cold
– Paralysis
– Persistent feeling of tiredness
– Persistent itching
– Persistent tears
– Persistently feel very cold
– Piles
– Problem in passing urine
– Prostate problems
– Ulcers
– Urinary problems
– Varicose Veins
– Yellow colour in white discharge of urine

7.  Cosmetic appearing Issues
– Acne
– Black blemishes
– Blackish tongue
– Chapped Lips
– Cracked nails
– Cracked skin on foot Sole or elsewhere
– Dark spots under eyes
– Early greying hair
– Fungal infection
– Loss of weight
– Pale face
– Pimples
– Skin around nails peeling
– Skin dryness
– Skin psoriasis
– Warts


8.   Problems of Children with Special Needs

– Delayed growth
– Strabismus in eyes [squint]

Advice:  There is no known conflict when this system of treatment is carried out simultaneously with any form of medication – Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Unani, Siddha or any other. Patients are advised to continue their medication and make any changes only with the specific advice of their Doctor in that field of medication.



  1. That’s really great
    Anyone can advise the best available online learning/ certification institution for SuJok

    I’m doing SuJok practice, but need some detailed and advance studies as well certification, as being distanced learner, I need some online solution for started.

    Hope to hear by soon

    Best Regards

  2. my son (2 year 6 month ) have hearing loss of 70-80 DB. is there any treatment of thia type of hearing loss in Sujok therapy…kindly help me

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