Tips to Keep Fit with Sujok

Sj. T. Anju Gupta’s Tips

Keep fit in 20 minutes a day

Anju Gupta


  • Ring massage– Massage all fingers & toes with the special Sujok ring. If the skin is already dry, you can apply a little cream or oil. Do this for a few minutes.


  • Interlock fingers and press. This applies pressure on correspondence points of uterus/ ovaries/ bladder in ladies and testes/ bladder area in males.


  • Clamp hands together. Correspondences of Liver/ spleen/ stomach/ gall bladder/ pancreas can all be massaged together by clamping hand to massage the entire abdomen area for immediate digestion.


  • Rub your hands thoroughly, and cup your eyes with your palms. You can also do this on the eye correspondence points.


  • energy points moxaMassage or warm up the Energy points with moxa , once or twice a week.


  • foot mat massageStep up and down on the acupressure foot mat for 10-15 mins per day.


  • Wrist massage- for cervical points. Also helps digestion.


  • Circular massage of thumb and index finger.


  • nail pressPress each nail- as each nail covers an organ


  1. Yes. The purpose of the founder, Prof. Park, Jae Woo was to let the science reach each household.
    That is now our mission.

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