Alternate Medicine licensee – do’s and dont’s

 Mr. Qamar Javed Rehmani: Practically speaking, what can a mainstream medicine licensee do that an Alternate Medicine licensee cannot? For example, in the US, mainstream physicians, osteopaths, and veterinarians face the least restrictions in prescribing any drug. I believe dentists, podiatrists, naturopathists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and psychologists can prescribe but have limitations.

 SJ. T. Sunil Mahajan:

The same is applicable in India, in modified ways. A mainstream (allopathic) Doctor does not prescribe and generally does not refer to alternative medicine, even when he believes it to be more relevant. Alternative Medicine guidelines are quite clear. If an AM Doctor prescribes in an area not of his/her competence, he/she can be disenfranchised. That of course, includes prescriptions for Allopathic medications.

You will have to get the Medical Council of India (MCI) rules re their exact restrictions/ guidelines. Let me be clear on one aspect. Our guidelines in Sujok DO NOT prohibit, but actually recommend “Hetro” Treatments under certain circumstances. This means streams of Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic or Unani are recommended (but not prescribed) when the healer feels they will do good. The patient has to find his way in that including finding the right Doctor.

No stream of medication or therapy is complete in itself. This is my personal understanding from all these rules & guidelines & my own experience. However, I suggest you check with a competent legal expert to get accurate advice for your country.

Thursday, 17 June, 2012