Practicing Su Jok

Keep your immunity strong

Seasons are changing – keep your immunity strong. Massage, moxa, invite smile energy, apply seed therapy to the correspondence of spleen and thymus in your hands or feet.

spleen thymus correspondence immunity Sujok

Spleen and thymus correspondence in MAIN or STANDARD correspondence system

In the MAIN or STANDARD system: On the left hand, the spleen and thymus correspondences are close to one another, so they can be massaged together or pressed 60 times with your thumb.

On the right hand, they are further from one another, so you can locate points that are painful on touching, and apply seeds.

insect standard-system2

Each finger has the same correspondence. TIP- use the middle finger for spleen.

In the INSECT SYSTEM: the thymus and spleen points are on each finger and toe.

In the MINI system, each finger has a different correspondence map. This is where spleen and thymus are on the index [or “second”] finger of right hand, and little [or “fifth”] finger of left hand:

mini system index finger  In NAIL THERAPY system, the little [“fifth”] toenail of the right foot represents the spleen. Press in five steps:

nail pressAccording to the Organ clock-time, work on spleen points from 9 am – 11 am.

It is a healing of love

It is indescribable- the love that flows when an acute or chronic pain is healed with Sujok.

Su Jok Therapy as a philosophical system and healing method which is full of the Spirit of Love of Our Creator for all beings in the cosmos, which gives it universal healing power.~ Sujok Triorigin Smile

“<<HE intentionally created>> our Hands and Feet showing similarity to our body. ..What’s the Purpose? HE wants <<to HELP us>>.

Why does HE want to Help us? Because HE <<Loves us>>. HE deliberately chose to put body similarity on <<Hands>> and <<Feet>> because they are easily accessible to us all our life. This expresses HIS eagerness to inform us about this healing system. This is a clear evidence that HE Loves us.” ~ Prof. Park, Jae Woo, ‘Sujok Ki’.

Prof Park, Jae Woo mapped the development of emotions and their correspondences in the hands and feet. For today, when many people in the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day of expressing love to family, friends, colleagues and beloveds, what is the place where Prof Park, Jae Woo mapped the emotion of love?

love and wonder

Touch that joint in a mudra and experience the wonder of the generous gift of love given to us to heal self and others.

When you’re ready to learn Sujok Therapy, contact us.


Black Pepper Seed Therapy

Seeds give life to plants. This provides evidence that energy of huge power is present in them in latent form.
~ Prof Park Jae Woo ‘s Su Jok Seed Therapy

Being live biological structures, the seeds possess a great stock of life energy necessary for the development of a new plant.

When the seeds are applied to the correspondence points they awaken, and their biological fields start interacting with the <<globules of correspondence>> to the affected organs and parts of the body thus restoring their energy potential.

~ Prof. Park, Jae Woo, Be Your Own Sujok Doctor

Seeds are divine gifts from Existence Spirit. Sujok Seed Therapy can be upgraded when you are conscious of the plant the seed comes from, and the plant which is latent within the seed. Sujok therapy helps us to use their life force for healing ailments. Thank the seeds for what they provide us.

Black pepper or peppercorns are used for informing the pituitary gland, stimulating the spinal and eye correspondence points, and other points as well.

Black pepper grows in a vine that first came from South India and is now the most easy to find spice seed all over the world.

How natural is Sujok

How natural it is, to touch someone’s hand to give comfort.

hands Su Jok natural

How natural it is, to learn to touch the correspondence of the painful body parts on someone’s hands to make the comfort last.

sujok hands probe

How natural it is to guide a person to find the correspondence points for themselves.

Backbone correspondence points

How natural it is to study, learn, and spread Sujok therapy to as many people as possible.  To bring comfort and lasting relief from pains of mind, body, life.

sujok session

And this way, after helping to upgrade a person’s consciousness about the way their body communicates with its correspondence points on hands and feet, the comfort comes full circle.

A Sujok healer is born, a patient who experiences Sujok healing helps to bring its benefits to others. And that is naturally, true comfort.

Sujok Therapy - Free Session


Seed Therapy

There are many ways the seeds help us. They can be applied on the correspondence points to help heal an ailment.

Here, seeds are being applied to the painful points on the  standard system of correspondence of the back. seed therapy website

Seeds have a life force. There is a flow of energy from base to tip, in the case of elongated seeds like the apple seed.

For constipation, you can apply the seeds as shown:

constiptation main system apple seeds

Here’s a thought.

When  you apply the seed, the healer’s points are also being stimulated. Both healer and patient are benefited. Use good quality seeds, and be thankful that they give their life force for us to be healed.

We learn even more from the seeds.let them flourish- master gift



If you’re cold: warm those energy points

energy su

Energy points on hands

Energy point correspondences are on both yin and yang surfaces of hands and feet. This shows the standard or main system of correspondence.

energy jok

Energy points on feet

The energy points can be warmed  with moxa as a complete therapy.Black pepper or dried green peas can also be applied. Ideally, first put seeds and then and then moxa – heat them. This helps to keep the body warm, get rid of body aches and pains and also remove tiredness or fatigue since the spine is energetically and physically connected to all body organs.

Mini mixa on hand

Mini moxa on hand energy points – Yin side

As a general rule, if a problem is acute or sudden, use energy points on yang side, i.e. the back or darker side of the hand and foot.   If it is chronic, and resisting treatment, use the yin or lighter side of hand and foot. You can use 1, 2 or all 4 hands/feet combinations depending on the severity of the problem. Find the points that are most painful on pressing: they are the best treatable points.

The energy points are on the correspondence of the backbone or spine. In Sujok therapy this is usually called the TW or Triple Warmer, following the Traditional Chinese Medicine system.

As we go deeper into the study of the energy points, more information unfolds about their significance and the different ailments they can be used for. Until then, keep the points warm, and share your experiences.

How to do ring massage

The  massage ring is one of the most popular items of Sujok therapy. It is simple but very effective in toning up all organs. It promotes an immediate sense of well-being, bringing a smile to the body and mind. If there is a body pain or a dis-ease in an organ the ring massage on correspondence points is very useful.
No wonder we heard someone call it the magical massage ring!

Here are the instructions on how to use the massage ring:

– Roll the ring on each finger and toe.
– Massage from the tip to the base – i.e. the entire length of each toe and finger.
– If there is a specific pain in the body, focus on the correspondence of that body part. e.g. for the head, use the first phalange of the thumb or big toes. You can also use the first phalange of any finger or toe. For knees, focus on the two middle joints of the two middle fingers or toes.
Consult a book or a Sujok therapist for related organs that the ring massage will help.

Sujok Tips for Good Health - ring massage

Ring massage for Sujok therapy

-Choose a size that puts pressure that you are comfortable with. There are usually two sizes available.


– Do not wear the ring. It is only to be used to massage the fingers and toes.
– Do not use on skin that is cut or injured.

References for students –

In STANDARD SYSTEM, the fingers correspond to the limbs [arms and legs] and their joints.

In INSECT SYSTEM, each finger has correspondence to the organs and different parts of the body.

See more Tips to Keep Fit with Sujok

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November News

You make the news for November. What are you doing with your hands and feet?

How are you bringing harmony into your life? Bringing a vibrancy into your day? A smile in every moment?

We are convening our classes in different locations, offering healing sessions, Taiji and more.

Use your Jok to head on over ~ use your Su to Contact us.

It’s really all in your hands – and feet to bring a life of smile into your world.

One Seed Sprouts to Many – That’s October for you!

October is an in-between month: in-between summer and winter.  There are many smile activities of Sujok Healing.

Homemaker-Turned-Healer On A Curative Mission
Contact for Sujok classes for November in Delhi, Lucknow, Miami and other locations.
Sujok Smile Healing [fb]
In sync with Gaia
Smile world
Contact us if you can translate messages for our Global Sujok page. SJ T Birgitta Svensson, is translating into Swedish whenever possible.  Ana Delon and Anna Goodman are translating for the version in Spanish Sanar con Su Jok y Sonrisa. Smile gratitude to everyone.

A heads-up- SJ T Shweta Pappu is planning a presentation in New York in the coming months. Contact us if you are in New York.

Whoever is ready, however you are ready, we are here. Bringing our shared vision of smile world.

Open Invitation for Daily Smile Meditation – In Sync

We live in this world where Existence Spirit has sent us with hands and feet, arms and legs loaded with tools to help to heal our body.

There are seeds and leaves that can help to heal us, and the presence of each other that helps to keep us smiling.

We are happy to participate in bringing about the Smile World that Professor Park, Jae Woo informed us, is coming.

From the initiative called Sync Gaia Hug, here is a simple message that we can incorporate in our Smile Meditation every day, to get in sync. Please read, participate and share smiles with  everyone.


An Open Invitation for All

How to wrap our Planet in synchronized field of Love ~

 Dear Children of Mother Earth,

I am your Mother Earth. I love you all. Please, come together every day and wrap me and all your brothers and sisters in a synchronized  field of Love.  Here are the words of your brothers and sisters aware of my wish.


Your Mother Earth, Gaia, Terra, the world and anything else you call me!


Dear friends,

We, all Mother Earth’s children, want to show our love and gratitude for the gift of Life that we have on Earth, and for each other.

We invite you:  Let us meditate, worship, pray, be in the resonance of love and gratitude in the first 1/2 hour of any hour for 10 minutes once a day or more.

Together- across every nation, language, politics, color, creed, belief, gender – we can gather together, remotely, online, or in the same physical spaces, for Unity in Diversity.

  • We can be in wordlessness, for 10 minutes or more.
  • Choose the same time every day, at your own convenience. At first, this may be difficult, but once you decide to pray or meditate at a certain time, it will become surprisingly easier.
  • Create a resonance field around the Earth. All are welcome because we will give and receive without depleting the resources of our planet.

Feel and share this resonance of compassion and peace of this round-the-clock synchronized hourly rhythm.


All the people on Earth.


There are free resources from soul family websites at

via Open Invitation for All.


indiasujok globalOur students are helping to spread the vision of Prof. Park, Jae Woo in different parts of the world.

Español – Sanar con Sujok y Sonrisa
English- Sujok Smile Healing




Hindi हिन्दी में आएगी


Register for Sujok Classes in September

India Sujok Gharana is registering students for September.
Workshops, presentations, group and individual classes are available in New Delhi, Lucknow, Miami, New York, Zurich and other places.

We are committed to teaching all who are interested in learning, for international certification, for self-healing, or for getting a glimpse.

  • Are you interested in a one-on-one class, customized to your time, in a group class, or would you like to know what this is all about? Contact
  • Gather a few friends and call us for a presentation, join a workshop, or register for a class. Contact
  • If you are near Miami, we have free healing sessions on Tuesday evenings. Email us for the venue.

Triorigin is such a basic, underlying theory that it shows up in our actions even when we are unaware. The genius of Prof. Park was in discovering it and teaching it to us in a way that is accessible to all. A true Master!
⌣⌢ (ˆ◡ˆ) ⌢⌣
Prof. Park, Jae Woo’s Triorigin theory is glimpsed from the very first level.

Begin your journey of learning Triorigin.  Fill in your Contact details, or write to indiasujok at
Sujok clinic

August at India Sujok

We continue our dedication to teach students  and use Sujok therapy for patients as they come, both for free and for fee, with neutro smile spirit, as indicated by Prof. Park, Jae Woo. In large numbers or small, wherever we are based, and whatever is your educational or health background, we are ready to teach or treat. Towards the end of July, we hosted free presentation-cum-healing camp at Ridge Valley School, Gurgaon, and Taiji classes.

August is starting with Smile Taiji class by Bhupinder Kaur in Gurgaon.We are grateful for the help of DLF Foundation.

Sujok therapy classes are open for Level 1 onwards. If you are interested, sign this contact form or write to indiasujok @ gmail. com [remove the spaces if  you copy-paste this email address].

Our healing-cum-teaching clinics are open:
Bhupinder Kaur in West Delhi [free healing clinics]
Dr. Sunil Mahajan, AM  in South Delhi.
Meenakshi Suri in Gurgaon until August 15th, and thereafter, in Miami, Florida.
A Chauhan in Delhi

Contact us to schedule classes, treatment, workshops or presentations in the following locations:

Anju Gupta in Lucknow, India Contact
Sunil Mahajan in Delhi, India Contact
Meenakshi Suri in Miami, Fl, USA Contact
Birgitta Svensson [presentations, healing] in Zurich, Switzerland Contact
Shweta Pappu [presentations, healing]in New York, NY USA Contact

For all India-based practitioners please Contact
Anju Dhaka, Chandigarh
Shilpi Karve, Mumbai
Shashwati Sen Chauhan, Gurgaon
Gurvinder Kaur & Nidhi Sharma in Bhopal
S. S. Gaur, Itarsi
Dr. Sant Ram Bansal, Dehradun
Mr. Halbe, Jabalpur
Mrs. Johal, Ambala
Sonia Sood, Mhao
R N Mani, Devlali

Sujok Therapy - moving fingers cure

Or Email
Bhupinder Kaur indiasujok@
Dr. [Mrs.] Anju Gupta, AM:
Dr. Sunil Mahajan, AM : or Facebook
Meenakshi Suri, Shweta Pappu, Birgitta Svensson:

Commendation Card to Mrs. Anju Gupta

We are grateful for the recognition given to Mrs. Anju Gupta   for her service in healing and teaching Sujok widely.

Commendation card by the Indian Army for selfless service Given to Mrs. Anju Gupta

Commendation card by the Indian Army for selfless service Given to Mrs. Anju Gupta

Smile Taiji in Gurgaon -July at India Sujok

We are delighted to announce Smile Taiji classes taught by Bhupinder Kaur, whose smiling presence embodies the spirit of Smile Taiji – or Taichi.

This week, she is teaching at Naraina. In the third week of July, classes are in Gurgaon. Comment here, or email for details.

About the Class:
The class will introduce the principles of Triorigin as they flow in our body, mind and soul.This is done through body movement and teaching the underlying theory.
The class is suitable for people of any age. You don’t need to be physically fit, but you do need to be mobile.
Bring a notebook and pen, and wear comfortable, loose clothes. Gym clothes are fine, loose pants and shirt or t-shirt, or salwar kameez. Try to eat at least one hour before the class.

What is Smile Taiji?
Smile Taiji, developed by Prof. Park, Jae Woo, is a set of body motions which is most beautifully organized on the principles of TRIORIGIN.
When the body is moving by Triorigin order, the body and mind become one, helping the self to experience soul smile.
Spiral motions produce Neutro harmony in the body, activating LIFE substances, blood and energy circulations. All organs start smiling.

To register, send:
– Your full name, date of birth, full address, mobile /phone number and email address.
– Which session are you registering for: third or fourth week of July.
– 11 am – 1 pm or 3 pm- 6 pm
Location: Gurgaon [details will be given as available]
Cost: Rs. 3,600 at the door. Discount of Rs 100 with pre-registration.

Forward this message to anyone  who you feel would benefit. Let us  know if you are interested in our classes at other locations or dates.

For updates, register, comment here, email us, bookmark this page or visit our facebook pages:
Sujok Smile Healing
Sunil Mahajan
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May at India Sujok

We’ve been busy, so this post is long overdue. Every time  we introduce a person to Sujok, it is like planting a seed of smiles.

This month, new students have been taught Level 2 of Sujok by Anju Gupta, AM. Level 1 classes are ongoing, and our free presentation in Miami was well attended, thanks to organizing by Krishna Care.

may 5 presentation


In the weekly Sujok free clinics in Miami, we have begun smile meditation.

In the weekly Sujok free clinics in Miami, we have begun smile meditation.

393066_499597470094919_1871711284_n[1]Contact us to schedule classes, treatment, workshops or presentations in the following areas:

Anju Gupta in Lucknow Contact
Sunil Mahajan in Delhi Contact
Meenakshi Suri in Miami Contact
Birgitta Svensson [presentations, healing] in Zurich Contact
Shweta Pappu [presentations, healing]in New York Contact

Or Email
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Sunil Mahajan : or Facebook
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April at India Sujok

Register for April 21 classes in South Delhi with Sunil Mahajan

Sujok presentation april

April has begun with presentations in Miami and Gurgaon.

We are committed to reaching as many people as possible with free presentations, and also to training and treating those who are willing to invest in their learning and healing.

Sujok presentation eats April  2013

Miami presentation
April 2013

As always, we offer free treatments to those unable to pay, and also for our military families, and paid treatments and classes to serve as many people as possible.

Please contact us to schedule classes, treatment, workshops or presentations in the following areas:

Anju Gupta in Lucknow Contact
Sunil Mahajan in Delhi Contact
Meenakshi Suri in Miami Contact
Birgitta Svensson [presentations, healing] in Zurich Contact
Shweta Pappu [presentations, healing]in  New York Contact

Or Email
[Mrs.] Anju Gupta:
Sunil Mahajan: or Facebook
Meenakshi Suri, Shweta Pappu, Birgitta Svensson:

March 9-11 Free Introductory Courses finalized in Gurgaon

We are deeply grateful to the communities of Gurgaon that  are  offering us a space and offering their residents the opportunity to receive free healing sessions and courses.

We are deeply grateful to Prof. Park who showed us that this is a smile world, and the simply powerful way to bring smiles to our body through Sujok therapy.

If you would like to attend a free course, please message or comment below.

Remember to bring a notebook, pen and pencil!

Free Workshop for IITK Alumni & Families- March 3 2013

Free Workshop on Drugless and Alternate Systems Therapies for the Benefit of IITK Alumni and Their Families

You are cordially invited to avail benefits of Drugless and Alternate Systems of Therapies with Live Demos by experts at
Viewing Stands, IIT Delhi Stadium from 11.00 Hours onwards.

12.00 Noon onwards – Sunil Mahajan (IITK) and Team
Before the live demonstration on alumni and their families, the experts will briefly explain fundamental principles & concepts which merge into the avante-garde science of Sujok the ancient systems of Yoga, Chakras, Reflexology, Chinese Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Time Healing, Mudras, Mantras & various other ancient therapies.
For a preview of Sujok, take a tour of


By Sunil Mahajan

1. There are many ancient & relatively modern Drugless systems of treatment of the orient of human body.

Yoga, Chakras, Acu-pressure, Reflexology, Chinese Acupuncture, Samwongong, Samwondong, Chi Gong, Time Healing, Mudras, Mantras Etc. all use basically the correlation & interplay between the three levels of human existence viz.
a) The Biochemical i.e. the physical aspects of the body
b) The Electronic viz. the neural networks in the human body.
c) The Transcendental i.e. Soul level.

These Systems which developed in the Orient, evolved, with some historical contiguity and connectivity, in India, China, Mesopotamia, Egypt & Phoenicia.

2. Basic difference in approach between Oriental system and Allopathic sciences (Western Medication).

• Western Medication does not recognize the role of the Transcendental in treatments.
• The neural connections are approached on a piecemeal basis by Western Medication, but taken holistically by Oriental Systems.
• For Treatments, the neural networks are not used by Western Medication. However, the good news is that some path-breaking work is being done by an IIT-Kanpur B. Tech. 1974, now Prof. Mrigamka Sur in MIT. He has been working on the use of synapses & neurons and their potential role in treating hitherto “untreatable” diseases. This actually also is in line with the last-mile effect in treatments carried out using Sujok Therapy.
• Both Western systems and Sujok Therapy use the endocrine system for treatments, but in markedly different ways.

3. The Neural Networks & the Transcendental Levels in Oriental systems:

All oriental systems in their various forms essentially recognize that there are well defined major & minor “Energy pathways”. The major pathways are called Meridians.

Besides this, many of them recognize vortices of energy called Chakras. They also mostly agree on the direct connectivity of the human body’s energies with the external environment.

The layout & properties of the various pathways, their actions & interactivity and their connectivity to the transcendental are defined in different ways among these Oriental Systems.

4. The Science of Sujok:

Prof., Park, Jae Woo, the founder of this science was an M.D. in Korea. In 1968, he witnessed some seemingly impossible treatments with oriental systems and started work on collation of all oriental sciences.

Collation led to establishing connectivities between the basic principles of these sciences and further experimentation. The result was, by around 1990, a unified system of all these Oriental Systems into a scientifically designed system called “Sujok”

By 1985, advances had begun on expansion of the unified knowledge to concepts which were ahead of existing ones. For example, by 1990, the concept of “Panchtatva” had been expanded to Six Elements in which the “Fire” had been split into “Heat” and “Hotness”, both of which have different characteristics while being similar. The concepts of “Tri-origin” was developed. It linked every aspect of the Universe and its constituents (including Human Beings) to it’s original formation and development characteristics. Treatments were developed which used these concepts and their equivalent in Human existence. The really advanced work was done in the period 1998-2010 ie till he passed away on March 10th, 2010.

5. The Human Entity & Sujok Basics:

a. The Human Body while growing from a single cell to it’s millions, established well defined neural connectivities (called correspondences) between each cell and even within the cells.
b. Meridians & other energy pathways are used not only for communication but also for carrying out cures. Similarly, the endocrine system is also used for cures.
c. Well defined types of stimuli can be provided by naturally occurring entities like Leaves; Seeds; Geographic alignment and space; Patient’s & Healer’s emotions & nature; Date, Time of day, Season and year; etc.
d. Stimuli are also provided by simulated natural phenomenon created by Micro-magnets, Electric Wires, Diagnostic Probes, Needles, Colours etc. and with other methods including Mantras, Mudras, Massage and certain regimented physical exercises like various modules of Tai Chi.
e. Each type of stimulation or a combination thereof, produces a well-defined effect on the Human Body, mind and Soul. These stimuli induce the body to treat itself.
f. Certain bunches of cells (which may have evolved into organs) are better connected (ie have better correspondence) due to the nature of their Triorigin related development. As a result each Hand and each Foot is very good to use for Treatment. Any one ear can be used equally effectively.
g. Energy pathways & Vortices also have correspondences on the Hands and Feet.
h. Most diseases are a result of distortion, disturbance or disruption of the way nature designed a human being to be or exist.
i. The treatment systems developed in Sujok and Triorigin are capable of reaching out to certain aspects of the soul in relatively mechanical ways (with training) to effect cures.

Sujok Treatment – Basic Principles: (assuming that only the Hands and Feet are being used for treatment)

a. The end-objective of each treatment is to get each diseased organ / area / system back into the shape it was designed to naturally be for a human being.
b. A series of stimuli are used, generally in well defined sequences, to make the energy pathways or the endocrine systems to start and continue their work of curing the affected organs or systems.
c. There are 12 well defined vertical meridians, each of which also pass through 12 major organs of the body. There are also two over-riding (controlling) ones which are connected with Human Conception & Overall management respectively.
d. Besides this the Horizontal & Spiral energy pathways establish the cross-connectivities to complete the entire connectivity pattern of the body.
e. Stimulation of the endocrine systems is generally done to synchronise with the stimulation of the energy and physical systems to complete the cure.
f. Treatment and Cure are actually carried out by the patient’s own body in tune with the stimuli provided by the healer.
g. There is no known conflict when this system of treatment is carried out simultaneously with any form of medication – Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Unani, Siddha or any other. Patients are advised to continue their medication and make any changes only with the specific advice of their Doctor in that field of medication.

6. Using Sujok for Maintaining basic body health & for Self Treatment: (pl see
a. Basic treatments in Sujok are safe to use. For example, if you develop a high fever suddenly, just dip all of your fingers and toes into ice-cold water for 5 minutes. Chances are you will not need any medication whatsoever at the end of those 5 minutes. You need major training only for energy systems related treatments.
b. Many of these are already in the folklore in Oriental countries and being used by traditional families.
c. Walking on a acupressure foot-mat for 15 minutes or just pressing your bare foot on it while sitting in office, using an elastic ring or hand-magnetic ball for massage of fingers while watching TV, doing hand wringing while free, twisting all the joints of the hands etc. do not crowd on your quality time, while doing wonders to mitigate the minor niggles which can develop into bigger issues.

7. What all can be treated by Sujok:

i. Chronic Pains and Aches of any type, including: Arthritis, Cervical & Spine including spondylitis & lumbar pains, Cramps, Frozen shoulder, Headaches, Inherited pains, Joints, Legs pain, Migraine. Plantar fasciitis
ii. Disorders of Mind, including: Asocial behaviour, Depression, Epilepsy, Fearfulness, Increasing loss of memory, Insomnia characteristics, Low confidence level, Mental retardation, Nervousness, Persistent mental agony or anxiety, Skittish mind (inability to focus), Unreasonably repetitive behaviour
iii. Reproduction & related problems including:
a. Male: Elephantiasis, Impotence, Low sperm Count, Night fall
b. Female: Blocked Fallopian tube, Cysts or Fibroids in uterus or ovaries, Heavy bleeding during menses, Irregular periods, Leucorrhoea (White Discharge), Ovary cysts- Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) / polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD), Pain during periods, Scanty discharge.
iv. Eyes, Ear, Nose, Throat & Mouth problems, including: Blisters in Mouth, Certain types of loss of hearing, Conjunctivitis, Cracking teeth, Loss of voice, Pain in eyes, Pus from ears, Ringing of ears (Tinnitus), Sinusitis, Slurred speech, Squint, Stammering, Sty on the eye, Toothache, Vertigo
v. Glands: Graves Disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Hyperthyroid, Hypothyroid, Thymus problems, Tonsils
vi. Multi-system, systemic & other problems including: Asthma, Bed wetting problems, Blockage in arteries, Burning in anus, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Gas & acidity, Heart problems, Increased size of internal organs like liver, Kidney problems, Loss of bodily functions, Loss of control (incontinence), Low haemoglobin, Often catching cold, Paralysis, Persistent feeling of tiredness, Persistent itching, Persistent tears, Persistently feel very cold, Piles, Problem in passing urine, Prostate problems, Ulcers, Urinary problems, Varicose Veins, Yellow colour in white discharge of urine
vii. Cosmetic appearing Issues: Acne, Black blemishes, Blackish tongue, Chapped Lips, Cracked nails, Cracked skin on foot Sole or elsewhere, Dark spots under eyes, Early greying hair, Fungal infection, Loss of weight, Pale face, Pimples, Skin around nails peeling, Skin dryness, Skin psoriasis or rupture, Warts
viii. Problems of Children with Special Needs including: Delayed growth, Strabismus in eyes [squint]

Sunil Mahajan
also B. Tech. (IITK, 70351), MBA (FMS, 1988)
Sujok Ki International
mob: +91 97111 06001, email:,
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Associate Healers available in Miami, New York, Zurich and many towns in India.

Free Sujok Therapy Introductory Course in Gurgaon

March 11th is Prof Park’s birth anniversary. To celebrate this, the International Sujok Association  has asked lecturers to provide free classes in a prescribed format, to as many people as possible.

IndiaSujok Gharana is in the process of finalizing the venue and timings for the classes, from March 9-11. These will be in Gurgaon.

If you are interested in attending, please comment here or write to